Shedding Season

Temperature is changing here in Vegas.  I have accepted the fact that it’s time for a change and so has my dog.  Yes.  It’s that time of year again where humans try to shed off the fat they accumulated over the harsh winters and the time where canines involuntarily shed off their fur.  My task for the next couple of weeks is to shed off my dogs fur.  I began the process today and boy was it a mess!  It doesn’t help that it’s a tad bit windy as well.  By the time I finished removing the first layer, all her fur transferred to my shirt, shoes, and shorts.  She some how enjoyed the fact that I was covered in her fur; then again, she might have just been relieved to have that much fur removed for these mildly warm days.  At least she has something to look forward to, whereas I’m expecting to have one long, fur infested week ahead of me.